IEST Compaction Density Test Mold

Brand: IEST

Product origin: Xiamen

Delivery time: About 6-8 weeks after placing the order

Introduction: The compaction density test mold is a key accessory for the actual powder compaction density measurement. Currently, the lithium battery industry mostly uses 13mm diameter stainless steel molds for compaction density testing. In actual applications, it is found that stainless steel molds equipped by different manufacturers have many problems in some positive electrode material tests, such as difficulty in material withdrawal, poor test coaxiality, and easy wear. Among them, material withdrawal is a key factor affecting the overall service life of the mold, and coaxiality and mold wear directly affect the repeatability and consistency of the compaction density test. Therefore, it is very necessary to design and manufacture high-wear-resistant abrasives and supporting mold withdrawal systems.

Application: Lithium (sodium) positive and negative electrode powders (LCO/NCM/LFP/Graphite, etc.), conductive agents, solid electrolyte powders, other micron-sized powder materials, etc.

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IEST Compaction Density Test Mold

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