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1. Launched new products such as RSS silicon-carbon expansion fast screening system, online electrode resistor, online slurry resistor, etc.
2. Introduced ERP management system and established engineering and technology department.
3. Held the fifth anniversary celebration and new product launch conference.
4. Added new permanent employees in Tianjin, Hefei, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.
5. Held the first user training class.
6. Established the "New Energy Joint Laboratory" with Xiamen Torch Graphene.
7. The number of employees has exceeded 100, and R&D personnel account for more than 50%.
8. The third equity incentive in the first phase and completed tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing.


Fifth anniversary and tens of millions in pre-A round financing

1. Two equity incentives in the first phase.
2. Moved to a new office: 600㎡laboratory and Application Center with a total area of nearly 3,000 square meters.
3. R&D: glove box BER, multi-type expansion fixtures, 5T high and low temperature SWE, model buckle SWE.
4. Won the recognition of Xiamen's special and new enterprises and selected as "Xiamen's key listed reserve enterprises"
5. New Products: Launched new products: pressure film, electrolyte infiltration, battery cell fast inspection, production line inspection, etc., and the product category expanded from three series and 8 products to six series and 18 products.
6. Added 108 new customers and doubled revenue.
7. The overall customer satisfaction score is 92 points(out of 100), which is generally satisfactory.
8. Leading or participating standards: "Measurement of coating uniformity of lithium-ion battery pole pieces", "Test method of solid electrolyte ion conductivity", "Lithium manganese iron phosphate for lithium-ion batteries"
9. Stationed permanent personnel in Guangzhou and Beijing, established an overseas marketing department, and the number of employees exceeded 50.


Doubled revenue

1. R&D: low-pressure PRCD, second-generation pen-type BSR, 5T room temperature SWE, expansion fixture.
2. Launch new products: solid electrolyte test system roller-type BER.
3. Reached technical strategic cooperation with the School of Vehicle Transportation of Tsinghua University.
4. The average customer satisfaction score is 94 (out of 100).
5. Products are exported to foreign lithium battery laboratories, such as Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries, and overseas customers account for about 10%.
6. Establish assembly workshops and standardize assembly processes.
7. The number of employees exceeds 30, introduced OA system.
8. Participate in national(China) key R&D projects: accelerated aging and life prediction of energy storage. batteries.


Average customer satisfaction score: 94 (out of 100)

1. Apply for the national standard for the compaction density determination method of lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials.
2. Product upgrade: PRCD powder resistance high pressure four-probe method, GVM temperature control to 85℃, second-generation SWE servo motor control + grating thickness measurement, high and low temperature control SWE.
3. Launched new products: Battery Slurry Resistance Tester (BSR), Semi-automatic voltage internal resistance tester.
4. Taiwan Amita has placed a large order for BER electrode resistance tester.
5. Battery Electrode Resistance Tester (BER) has passed the CE certification of TUV Süddeutsche and is exported to Germany.
6. ISO9001 quality management system has been introduced and passed TUV Süddeutsche certification


Passed ISO9001 quality management system TUV certification.

1. Launched the first generation of servo motor pressure and high-precision thickness measurement of electrode resistance tester BER1300.
2. Launched the first generation of laser-based in-situ expansion analyzers SWE1100 and SWE1200.
3. Launched the first single-channel in-situ gas production volume monitor GVM1300.
4. Established two testing laboratories.
5. Declare the national(China) standard for the determination method of powder resistivity of lithium battery positive electrode materials


Establishment of two laboratories

1. Established on March 16, 2018.
2. Launched the first generation of cylinder pressure electrode resistor BER1100 and exhibited at CIBF.
3. Launched the first generation of Powder Resistivity & Compaction Density Measurement System PRCD100


New Office, China

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